Sunday, May 15, 2016

5 Months and a Birthday

Leina turned 5 months! She's usually a happy baby.  She's also my biggest--her clothes are all 12-18 months size.  No joke.  

The kids love to snuggle with her in the morning:

Spencer turned 11.  (How did that happen???)  He wanted to have a big party again this year, but we limited it to 5 friends (which is still too many, in my opinion) because it's his last year with these friends.  And they are good kids!  I wish they could all move with us.  But, sadly, this is the new generation of kids--they are all playing games on their personal electronic devices:

We didn't let them do it for too long.  They went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, then spent the night.  They had cake after breakfast the next morning because they were too stuffed from dinner to have cake the night before.  Spencer requested an ice cream sandwich cake again this year:

Mmmm, cake:
And then Grandma and Grandpa came just before his actual birthday, so we were able to celebrate again:
I still can't believe he's 11.

Easter and Spring Break

Even though Easter was at the end of March this year, it was surprisingly warm enough (around 50) to have an outdoor egg hunt.  (I can't wait until to move to our new house and have a bigger backyard than this!):
Erik came up for Easter weekend.  Here he and Mea are dyeing Easter eggs;

Davin gave it a shot:
Here are my 2 attempts at ombre eggs;
For Spring Break, we decided we needed to start conquering our bucket list items of things to do before leaving Chicago.  So we started started with taking a 2 day trip to Nauvoo.  We left early afternoon on Monday.  We got to the hotel in the evening, spent the night, walked around Nauvoo until 5, then drove home.  It was a quick trip, but fun.  (What's Nauvoo??--find out more here:

Here the kids are in the hotel pull-out sofa:

At the bakery in Nauvoo:
At the school:
A rare family photo at the gunwork shop:
Nauvoo temple:
An attempt at a family selfie with a classic camera.  Looks like we missed Spencer in the shot;

I hadn't been to Nauvoo since 1997, so it was fun to see it again.  And the last time I was there, the new temple hadn't been built yet.  I was worried my kids wouldn't enjoy being there, but they loved it, even Spencer!  In fact, he said something to the effect of, "I want to move to a place like Nauvoo--the neighbors would give me free cookies, rings, bricks, and we can make rope and bread every day."  Ha!

March pictures

Here are some picture of March happenings:

Davin loves Leina!  "My hold it, baby Weena"  is what he says when he wants to hold her.

Learning to roll over:

Aunt Amy came for a visit and we were able to celebrate her birthday while she was here.
Sibling snuggles:

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Christmas 2015 and into the New Year

 I had every intention of taking lots of pictures of our trip to Utah at Christmas time.  But apparently I took hardly any.  Here are the few I have;

Sledding outside Great-grandma's house:

 Our traditional Christmas Eve dinner (Finnish food):
The tree:

 A quick visit with Santa:
 Making gingerbread houses:

 Napping buddies;
 Aunt Amy's Christmas present to Waimea was to get her ears pierced:
 It hurt worse than she thought it would:
 Leina (probably at her 2 month mark):
 And that was it for Christmas.  Here are just a few more of Leina;

 Davin's favorite thing to do is find my laptop and remove as many keys as he can before we figure out what he's up to.  When he's caught he preempts our "Oh, Davin!" by saying it himself first.
 Possibly Leina's 3 month picture;

 Sister morning snuggle time:
Apparently I need to take more photos.