Sunday, November 23, 2008

And she's walking...

Waimea is walking. Still unsteady, but she's taking more than 5 steps at a time now. It's really funny to watch because she keeps her legs so far apart for balance. Sometimes too far, so she topples over.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Lists

Spencer is getting really excited for Christmas. So tonight for our FHE activity we decided to help him write his Christmas list for Santa. After completing his, we asked him to help us make Waimea's Christmas list. My favorites from his list for Waimea are : 1) magic balls, 2) Waimea candy, and 3) another hot air balloon. We then decided that for more kicks and giggles we'd have him do ours. Topping Evan's list was: 1) pants for daddy's dollhouses and 2) minivan toys. And on mine were the letters "E", "O", and "S", which he drew himself. Whatever than means.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

ER visit #4

In Spencer's short 3 1/2 years, he has been to the ER 4 times. One for digestive problems just after birth. two for stitches, and now for breathing problems because of croup. We're hoping this trend stops soon! In my 29 years of life I'm not sure I've ever been.

Croup is evil. Spencer gets it at least once a year, and I keep hoping he'll grow out of it. But thanks to our ER visit, croup has become manageable. In the past we've dealt with croup by taking turns through the night between hot showers and walks outside, hanging on a prayer that his breathing would return to normal, that he'd be able to sleep, and that we wouldn't have to go to the ER. Those were very long, very stressful nights with no sleep. But Thursday night the croup came on too fast and progressed too fast. Within two hours of his first cough we were in the ER---he couldn't sleep, he couldn't breathe, he could barely talk, he was scared, and Evan and I were terrified. The cool air on the drive to the ER helped a bit, but not enough. In the ER, they gave him a steroid shot and it did the trick. We went home a few hours later and he slep the rest of the night uninterupted. Hallelujah!! And then yesterday we got a prescription for Prednisolone from his doctor (the same steroids as the shot but in oral form) to use whenever his croup gets bad in the future. No more bad croup nights for us!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mystery solved

For the last few months Spencer has been saying something to the effect of "Got beef" (or ground beef, or ground beets, or grind beets) over and over again while laughing. We couldn't figure out why he thought this was so funny or where he even got it from. But the mystery has finally been solved! Yesterday while watching the previews on one of his Blue's Clues videos, I heard him say it again and then bust out laughing. So I came to investigate. Apparently when he hears Charlie Brown say, "Good grief," he thinks its "ground beef" (or got beets, or grit beef, or grout bees). Who'd have thought?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Reaching for sunbeams

I can't help wondering what's going on in her little head right now.


I realize that Halloween is old news by now, but I've got to post pictures of my kids. They are just too cute. Spencer's Robin Hood costume turned out a lot cuter than I had hoped. (Or maybe he's just so cute that anything looks cute on him!)

Thanks to Pappa for carving his bow and arrows . He used to make them for us as kids when we went camping. I tried to make them but just couldn't do it right. Guess I don't have the touch.

And here's our little stinker. This was Spencer's costume for two years. We've definitely gotten our use out of this one.
I wish I had a picture of her standing in the costume. It was so funny when Spencer wore it and walked in it--the tail would wag back and forth. I was kind if hoping Waimea would be walking by now to relive that experience.
And yes, Evan and I are dorks--we dressed up, too. We thought it'd be fun--and it was! We were a Robin Hood family with our woodland pet skunk.
(Not a very flattering picture of Evan and I, but it's the best one we've got).