Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sick January

So I just got back from doctor's visit #5 this month. Fortunately today's was a well check visit, but so far this month we've seen the doctor for:
1) dehydration due to stomach flu (Waimea),
2) croup issues (Spencer),
3) ear infection (Spencer),
4) another ear infection (Waimea),
5) and then today's well check (Waimea-15 months) makes 5.
Throw in an ER visit (Waimea) and we've had one sick month! Thanks to some penicillin and steroids via nebullizer and it seems we're all on the mend. Let's hope it lasts.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Christmas in Blanding

We spent Christmas in Blanding, UT, this year with Evan's family. The first question I get when I say that is, "Where's Blanding?" The next question is, "Why would anyone live there?" Blanding, for those I haven't spoken with yet, is in the southeast corner of Utah, about 1 hour south of Moab. It is home to the only functioning uranium mine in the US, one grocery store, one "department"store, a couple of hotels and gas stations, one blinking stop light, and 3,185 people. Evan's parents moved there in February of 2006 so that Evan's father could become the plant engineer at the aforementioned uranium mine. Why other people live there is beyond me. Sorry Blandingites, I just don't understand the appeal.

views of Blanding
But we had a great Christmas. I won't bore you with ALL our pictures of the kids opening gifts, but I will bore you with a few:
Some other highlights (memories is probably a better word--you'll understand as you read) from our trip included: (not in preferential order)
1. Playing in the snow and building snowmen. And sledding for the first time. Spencer loved the snow:

Waimea not so much:2. Evan's brother brought down his Playstation 2, so Evan and Spencer got to play Guitar Hero together. Spencer had a blast:

3. Thanks to grandma and grandpa and uncles and aunts, Evan and I had A LOT of free time. So much that I didn't quite know what to do with myself.

4. Thanks to Owen (Spencer and Waimea's only cousin), and thanks to whoever he got it from, nearly everyone came down with the stomach flu just after Christmas.

5. For Evan's youngest brother's wedding open house, we had to make 40 dozen cookies. Yes, you read that right--FORTY dozen. Fun times.

6. Evan and I went on a pseudo-date---we were childless, but were with my brother and cousin, who were NOT on a date. Regardless, we called it a date. What did we do? Stared at each other's bums while the other scaled walls. AKA rock climbing.

7. Many funny stories, including:

a. On the flight to Utah Spencer asked why we had to buckle our seat belts. We responded with the usual, "Because it keeps us safe," and "It's the law. You don't want to break the law, do you?" To which Spencer said, "Yes, then we can fix it with glue."

b. On Christmas Eve we let Spencer stay up a little later than normal. It showed when he started saying, "I'm a sleepy submarine" over and over, laughing. And then, out of nowhere, he started crying and said, "I'm not a sleepy submarine anymore."

c. Near the end of our 5 hour trip back to Utah county to spend a day or so with my family at my grandmother's home in Alpine, Spencer asked, "Are we there yet?," to which I responded, "No, about 20 more minutes." Spencer then proceeded to count very slowly to twenty, and then asked, "Are we there now?" To which I responded, "No, that was 20 seconds, not twenty minutes. Count to twenty about 60 more times." He then proceeded to start counting to twenty again.

d. While at my grandma's house, for some reason we all decided to measure our arm span and compare it to our heights. I'm not sure why we thought it was so funny at the time, but we were laughing hysterically. The outcome--nearly everyone's arms were as long as their height, except for mine. I'm 5'9" but have an arm span of 6'.

So there you have it. Christmas in Blanding. (And a day or so in Alpine). Our snowy, white Chirstmas in the middle of nowhere.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Boston, Day 2

Spencer's favorite parts of our Boston trip were staying in the hotel and riding the T. He will still occassionally say to me, "Mommy, let's go back to the hotel with the trains." For any of you interested in visiting Boston--if you plan on taking the T everywhere, we found that the best hotel was the Hampton Inn-Boston Cambridge. It is literally one block away from the Lechemere station, so you have access to the entire city. And they have free parking for their guests (a rarity). (Free HOT breakfasts, too). As much as I didn't want to appear to be a tourist (even though I'm sure it was quite obvious), I couldn't resist capturing Spencer riding the T. Our next stop on day 2 was the New England Aquarium. We thought this would be a highlight of Spencer's trip, but he was done after about 10 minutes. I guess when you're 3, after you've seen one type of fish, you're seen them all. As neat as it was, it was a bit disappointing. Outside they have a tank of seals or otters, so you're thinking they are going to have more large aquatic animals inside. But all they have are penguins, fish, fish, and more fish. But it was still worth it. It kept us warm, if nothing else.

We spent a good part of the rest of the day walking. Evan wanted to see MIT and Harvard, and I wanted to walk along the Esplanade. Thank goodness for our double stoller and warm blankets--the kids slept in their warm cacoons while we walked. Here is a picture of the Boston skyline as seen from MIT.
Here's Evan in front of the Widener Library on Harvard campus.

Next stop was Anna's Taqueria in Coolidge Corner (no picture)--a long train ride away from Harvard and MIT. Anna's Taqueria has great, cheap Mexican food. Don't ask me if it's authentic because I don't care. It's good. That's what matters. We felt quite out-of-place, though. Here we were with two kids, double stroller amidst single college students. Oh well.
Next stop was JP Licks Ice Cream. It was really too cold to eat ice cream, but we had to.

Spencer wanted to take a picture of the cow at JP Licks.

Long train ride back to the hotel, and that ended the day.

The parting shot is a drive-by of the Boston Temple on our way out of town.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Boston trip, Day 1

So I'm behind on my posts. These pictures are from our Boston trip at Thanksgiving, day 1--the day we forgot our camera at the hotel and bought a diposable (which is why the colors are so awful). I served my mission in the Boston area and spent three months in the city, so lucky for Evan, I knew exactly where to go.
We started the day at Copley Square. I had to see my favorite building, the Hancock building. It's the glass one in the background. Please ignore Evan's finger at the top. Forgive me for taking too many pictures of buildings--becoming an architect has always been a dream of mine, and I studied most of these buildings in my art history classes at BYU.
We then wandered down to the Public Gardens and Boston Common. Some of you may be familiar with the children's book, Make Way for Ducklings. It takes place in Boston in the public gardens and they have statues of the ducklings there. That's what Evan and Spencer are sitting on, in case you couldn't tell.

Then we started the Freedom Trail. Here we are at the State House.

And then the Old State House. Spencer took this picture. He insisted. Not a bad shot.

Paul Revere's House
In front of the Paul Revere statue, with the Old North Church in the background.
Enjoying a Mike's Pastry eclaire.
Evan enjoying a Mike's Pastry cannoli.
In front of the USS Constitution.

Walking the Freedom Trail in Charlestown.
Bunker Hill monument.

The end of the Freedom Trail. We walked the entire thing in one afternoon.

At the Children's Museum. Friday nights they have dollar days, where everyone gets in for $1. A great way for the kids to end the day.

More Children's Museum.

More still.

Stay tuned for Day 2.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thanks for clarifying

Spencer finally noticed this morning that we had replaced the lightbulbs in our dining area. Then followed this conversation:

S--"Daddy's job is to fix things. And my job is to help daddy fix things."

me--"Don't I get to help fix things, too?"

S--"No, you don't get to help."

me--"Then what's my job, Spencer?"

S--"Your job is to feed people and do laundry."

Great! I LOVE my job. (Saturated in sarcasm).