Monday, March 23, 2009

Just a bunch of pictures

For those interested, the bath is still progressing well. The shower fixtures are in, the toilet and sink are functioning. I just installed the toilet paper holder and towel holder. All that's really left is caulking the tub, hanging the shower curtain rod, and adding moldings. Pictures of the completed bath will follow shortly.

Here's Spencer painting his bathroom (before the fixtures were installed):


A few weeks ago we went bowling for Cody's birthday. It was Spencer's first time bowling for real (the Wii does NOT count). He tried really hard to hold the bowling ball the correct way, but it was just too heavy and he couldn't get enough momentum. After two tries of this, with both ending in the ball stalling halfway down the lane, he finally did the underhand, between the legs, kid-proof method. Here he is with his daddy:

Here's what Waimea was doing during this:
And here's proof of Waimea scavenging the kitchen floor for droppings:

And this is why I never get my dishes done:

Saturday, March 14, 2009


It's a beautiful thing.
Just waiting for the grout to cure. One more coat of paint, sealant on the grout, and then it's time to install fixtures: lighting, toilet, sink and vanity, faucets, etc. Almost there. One, maybe two weeks, and we are done.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


A significant event happened this past week--my older brother, Jeremy, FINALLY got engaged. To date I have no married siblings; Jeremy will be the first, and I am very excited about that.Here is some trivia related to this news:

-Evan and I will celebrate FIVE years of marriage just a few weeks before his wedding. When I got married, I thought my brothers would follow shortly. I never imagined it would take five years!

-Not only is his fiance, Michelle Kamauoha, from Hawaii, she is also from our hometown, and even funnier--the SAME STREET. (Ironically, though, because it is little old Laie, even though she lived on the same street, she was not only in NOT in our ward, but also NOT even in our stake. That's even worse than Utah, I'd say. Crazy boundaries)-My mom encouraged Jeremy to date Michelle years ago, but because it was my mom encouraging it, he refused. If he had just listened to my mom for once, he may have been married years ago!

-When Michelle marries my brother, changing her last name may not be quite so tramautic as it was for me. Going from Kamauoha to Kokkonen is nothing like going from Kokkonen to Barlow. (And better than going from just about anything else to Kokkonen, too, for that matter.)

-Because the Laie temple is closed for renovations for the next 18 months, they get to get married in the Kona Temple on the Big Island. And we get to go see!
-Jeremy proposed to Michelle in a lifeguard stand on the beach. Romantic, funny, and definitely better (and more original) than being proposed to in my grandmother's basement (sorry, Evan, you know it's true).

Congratulations, Jeremy and Michelle! See you in May!