Saturday, December 12, 2009

2 years of bad air

You'd think that with all the remodel work we've done these past two years, changing the furnace filter would be a piece of cake. But it took us about a year to figure out where the filter was. And since then we've been changing the filter, but every time we do, we've noticed that the old filter either wasn't in the correct place, or just wasn't being held in place by anything. Or like this last time, was almost bent in half. So we finally did some real investigating (ie: found the owner's manual and read it) and found that we're missing an essential piece--the clip that holds it in place. One day, and $150 later, the clip is in place and we're breathing "fresh" air in our home for the first time in over two years.

Ha, just kidding. The $150 was what it would've cost if we'd have called a serviceman to come fix it. But we didn't. Evan called around and found a place that sells the part for $3.50. They ended up giving it to him for free. And using the trusty manual, Evan put it in for free. So now we really are breathing the cleanest air we've breathed in two years.

Maybe we'll stop having respiratory problems now. We'll hope for that, anyway.