Sunday, November 28, 2010

He really likes to use the resurrection card

In the car yesterday:

Spencer: "I want a pet fish."

Evan: "Well, when you earn enough money, you can buy a fish. But then you have to take care of it and feed it or else it will die."

S: "And then we can eat it!!"

E: "No, we can't eat a pet fish!"

S: "But it's okay. Really, dad, it is. The fish will be resurrected."

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Weird it is

In the car today:

Spencer: "Look! They already have their Christmas lights up and it isn't even December yet! They're weird!!

Evan or I (can't remember who): "Well, we're going to go get a Christmas tree on Saturday, and it won't be December yet. Does that make us weird?"

S: "Yes!"

K: "Or we could wait until next week to get a tree."

S: "No, I want to be weird."

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wedding thoughts already

Apparently Spencer's attachment to his friend at school is stronger than I thought.

Tonight, in all seriousness, he asked, "Mom, where are you going to be when Katie and I get married?"

How do you respond to that type of inquiry? This is coming from a kid who, until now, has been declaring that he's going to live with us FOREVER. And not just in the eternal realm of things, he literally meant he was not going to move out ever. Not to go to college, not to get a job, not to get married, nothing. (Believe me, I've asked).

His biggest attraction to her -- she hates princesses.

What a silly kid.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The fates were against us

We had it all planned out. Evan and the kids were to leave on the 7:10AM flight out of Philadelphia, heading to Salt Lake where Evan is presenting at a conference, and where the kids will spend a week with their grandma and grandpa. It takes us normally just over an hour to get to Philly, and with check-in 1 1/2 hours before takeoff, we figured if we left by 4:30AM, we'd get there in plenty of time.

Yeah. Right.

We were in the car, all packed and ready by 4:35. The car had been on for about 5 minutes, heating up. But as we were pulling away, we noticed that the defrost wasn't working, and we couldn't see a thing. After driving a few streets away, with the air still coming out cold, despite the car being warm enough, we decided we'd better take the Honda instead. So back home we go. Take out luggage, sleepy kids, car seats. Squish everything into the Civic. And we're off. 4:50AM.

We get to the airport just fine. But when we pull into the place to get a ticket to park, we get a ticket, but the guard thing doesn't go up. So we try again. Evan gets out to try and lift it. Meanwhile a car has pulled up behind us. We signal him to back up. We follow him to the next parking entrance. He gets through. We pull up and push the button for a ticket. Lo and behold, for us it is out of order. We back up once again and pull into the next parking entrance, even further from our terminal. We finally get through and park. Just after 6 AM. But by then we are so far away that we get lost trying to find the right terminal.

We finally get to our terminal and get in line. We get to the front, the computer isn't registering Evan's flight. We realize we're at the Southwest ticket counter and not Delta. We get in the Delta line. A few minutes later we are told that we have to get in another line for the self-check-in. We try to check in. We get Evan's ticket, but we can't find the kids tickets. We get help. She is slow. Finally we get that taken care. Off to another line to get our bags checked. We find out we are too late to check in our bags and must go to yet another line to talk to the supervisor.

10 minutes later we are helped, but told that the only thing we can do is rebook our flights for later, costing $50 a ticket. We finally get that sorted (and thankfully she only charged us for one ticket instead of 3), with them leaving on the 7:45 AM flight. But now they have a layover in Atlanta (the original flight was non-stop). And it took so long for her to arrange all that that by the time she was done and our tickets were in hand, it was already 7AM. So we book it to security. I say a quick goodbye, and then sit there bawling as I watch them walk away, knowing that they are in a rush, security takes forever, the kids are tired and hungry, and all I can do is watch from a distance with glass between us.

And then I watch as it really does take forever to unload all the crap that needs to be out to get through security, with the kids moving all over, people cutting in front, and Evan distracted with all he has to do, as the minutes are ticking by in my head. I'm about to have an anxiety attack. Sitting there watching it all, not being able to do anything, hoping the kids stay near their daddy, and hoping they get to their plane on time and can arrange to have them all sit together. I'm having an anxiety attack. But then they are gone, and I can do nothing but walk to my car. Oh wait, where IS my car? Somehow I find it and drive home and here I am, venting. Thanks for listening.

All I know is that I always thought it was stressful to be the one flying. Now I think I stress more when I'm watching my family walk away from me.

And this is supposed to be my week of freedom. I sure hope it turns around and becomes so.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

If pictures of snot gross you out...

then do not look closely at this post.

Waimea recently got a hold of our camera and took some not-very-flattering close-ups of herself. Take a look:

She kind of looks like a piggy. My favorite is the 4th one.

Monday, November 1, 2010


We celebrated Halloween backwards this year. Normally we get our pumpkins in early October. This year we got them a few days before Halloween. Normally I do my very best to wait as long as possible to buy Halloween candy. This year I bought it too soon, and we went through two Sam's Club bags before the month was half over. Oh well.

We finally got around to carving the pumpkins Friday afternoon. Here is what Spencer wanted his pumpkin face to look like:
(The pumpkin is supposed to me mad)

Here's how they turned out:

Spencer "helped", but wouldn't touch anything with his hands:

More Halloween festivities:

Spencer's school parade:
He refused to acknowledge me, just like the first day of school.
(Am I really that embarrassing?!)

Trunk or Treat at the church:
Matching jedi's

Waimea as Cinderella (who thinks she still needs to be carried):

Neighborhood trick-or-treating:
Waimea decided she wanted to be Snow White instead of Cinderella.

When she got home she stripped out of Snow White and put on this lovely arrangement: