Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tongue Twister

Spencer loves Rice Crispies. This morning I tried to teach him the little jingle they used to have--"Snap, Crackle, Pop--Rice Crispies!"

It kept coming out as "Snackle, rapple, pop, Rice Crispies!"

The funniest part is that he thought he was saying it correctly.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The #1 Sign That I Don't Fit-In With The Rest

The other day, when the highs were in the low 20's and the lows were in the single digits, someone said to me, "I bet you wish you were in Hawaii right now."

After a moment of trying to figure out why they'd say that at that particular moment, and then another moment to think about it, I honestly replied, "No, actually I don't. I'd prefer to be here in the cold and snow."

Sunday, January 9, 2011

How to get through Winter

1. Purchase enough snow clothes for EVERYONE, including mom and dad.
2. DON'T sit inside and watch the snow pile up. GET OUTSIDE!
3.Get some exercise--shoveling snow is a great way to do it:
4. Build snow forts with the snow you are shoveling. The kids love running inside, even if there's no roof:

5. Make snow sculptures:

6. Draw family portraits in the snow:



Her self-portrait:
7: (Not pictured)--Make snow angels. And snowmen. What child doesn't love this?
This snow girl sure does:
8. Combine any of the above. IE: Build a snowman near your snow fort, and then have a snowball fight with it. No one gets hurt, no one gets snow in their face, and your kids always win.

If it's going to be cold, there may as well be snow. And lots of it.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

1st Day of Primary

Waimea LOVES church nursery. Always has. As soon as Sacrament meeting is over she is jumping for joy and begging for us to take her to nursery.

Because of the new year, we have switched the time that we attend church, and switched the order of our meetings. So now we start with primary and end with Sacrament meeting.

Today was her first day of primary. Evan is her teacher. As the primary pianist, I was able to watch her entrance into primary via sharing time. She sat down, looked around, then saw me. "It's Katri!!" (Not mommy?) Then, after looking around some more, she saw Spencer sitting at the back and said, "Pentcer, I see you!" Cute, but then everything went downhill from there. She was rolling, literally, all over Evan's lap, and he could not get her to sit at all, let alone sit still. All the other kids were sitting there, overwhelmed at what was going on, but not Mea. She was everywhere, leaning over her chair and looking at the kids behind her from under the seat, rolling on the floor, and just treating Evan like a jungle gym. Then she wandered over to me and bugged me for awhile while I wasn't playing the piano. Fun times.

Then we had Sacrament Meeting last. And the whole time she driving me nuts. So it was with relief that I told her during the closing song that we just had to say a prayer and then we could go home. Little did I know that when we actually tried to leave she'd start bawling because she didn't get to go to nursery. She did NOT want to go home. She didn't care that she'd already been to three hours of church, and had been cranky for almost all of it. All she knew was that she hadn't been to nursery yet, so church was not complete for her. We carried her, literally kicking and screaming to the car.

Fun times. I don't think I'm going to be liking this transition. I thought the hard transition was supposed to be the one INTO nursery, not out of it. It doesn't help that one of her best friends, C, still has another year of nursery. I wish we could opt to hold her back another year, like you can with kindergartners. Any advice? (And yes, we've been prepping her verbally for this for weeks.)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas 2010

Our Christmas festivities began weeks before the big day. Uncle Eh-eh came out for a week-long visit. We had oodles of fun with him, staying at home and playing, and doing other activities outdoors. We went rock-climbing with him and the kids (Waimea even tried it for the first time ever), and Erik snuck out to the front desk and bought us gift certificates to the climbing gym for Christmas. And we went ice-skating with the kids--a new experience for both of them. Spencer was loving it, and he and Evan have even gone back. Waimea, however, did not last long at all. We'll give her a few more years before we try it again.

Sadly, the only picture we took of Erik's visit is this one where he's being the flying chicken on the Wii Fit Plus game:
Thanks for your visit, Eh-eh!! And thanks for the great gifts!

Then grandma and grandpa arrived for another week of fun.

Decorating cookies:

Waimea helping me make Pulla, the Finnish bread that we delivered to neighbors and friends:

My clean laundry room. To most of you this means nothing. But to anyone who saw the before, you would know this is a big accomplishment:
I really, really, really wish I had taken a before picture of this. During Erik's visit he was laughing at me while I did laundry--I had to stand on paint cans and lean over piles and piles of tools and clutter to just reach ANYTHING in here. Half of my clean laundry got lost in the clutter as I tried to remove it from the dryer, with the dryer door only being able to be opened about 6 inches. Most of the time we couldn't even close the door to the laundry room, were practically throwing our recycling goods into their bins in the back of the room, and stuff was constantly overflowing into our hallway. But thanks to grandma and grandpa's motivating us and helping us, we decluttered and cleaned it. And I still can't get over how clean it is. Thanks grandma and grandpa--helping us with this was one of the best gifts this year!

Because grandma and grandpa had to leave to go home Christmas morning, we spent Christmas Eve celebrating. During the day, everyone but Mea and I went bowling (I was busy cooking and Mea just didn't want to go). While they were gone, Santa came and dropped off the goods on the front porch, and the elves filled the stockings. Then we read the Christmas story and sang some carols. Here are the kids emptying their stockings:

Christmas dinner (Ham and Karelian pies):

Getting ready to do some major unwrapping:

Grandma excited about her Fiskars cheese slicer:

Grandpa excited about his new fishing knives:

Spencer in heaven with his new star wars loot:

Waimea not really sure why there's a picture of a bike on a big box:

Not shown : Daddy ecstatic over his Fiskars hatchet, guitar, and GPS, and Mommy not really believing that she got a Juki serger. But she did.

It was a great Christmas. Thanks to everyone who helped make it so!