Saturday, February 26, 2011

Do You See What I See?

Look closely. It's round and shiny and doesn't belong:
Yes, it is my lost wedding ring!

We were busy today working on the house, and just before dusk, I decided I needed to get the kids out for a bit. So we went out, and Mea was playing with the little bit of snow that we have left in our front yard. I started inspecting my planting bed just outside my front door (it's been covered in snow for months now), and lo and behold, there was my ring. I almost didn't believe it at first. But there it was, nestled in some pine needles. I still have no idea how it got there. But now I don't care; I'm just happy to have my ring back!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home

We love how she lifts her leg when she hugs him.

Celebrating Valentines Day

We began our festivities a week before the big day, with an FHE lesson on love. For dessert we had these:
Then, every morning after that, the kids came down to breakfast and found a mini mailbox ($1 at Target) with goodies inside, ranging from chocolate, hot chocolate, smarties, chocolate gold coins, socks, and a new cars (the die-cast ones from the movie "Cars"--they've both taken a renewed interest in the movie recently, for some odd reason). Thanks for the idea, Kristy!

On Friday, Waimea had a Valentine party with some other people from church. These are the goodies I made--chocolate no-bakes with sprinkles:
Then came the big day. Spencer came home with a bunch of loot:
It's funny how I remember feeling lucky when I got a few conversation hearts along with a card. Now it seems as if even candy is not enough. Pencils, erasers, goodie bags, bubbles. Come on...really?

Anyway, Evan came home from work loaded with donuts, ice cream, and Martinelli's, not knowing that I had bought the exact same thing earlier that day. Ha ha. He also gave Spencer a mylar balloon, and Waimea and I flowers. We put Mea's in a small vase, and she has been carrying them all over the house ever since. Super cute.

For dinner the kids had begged for a barbeque, so this is what we had (followed, of course, by the double loot of desserts):
It was a great day for us all, and a fun week leading up to it.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Overview

January is usually the month I dread the most. Christmas is over, the kids are stuck inside (there usually isn't snow on the ground to play in), we battle with sickness, no vacation plans to look forward to, nothing. January just drags on.

This January, though still long, was at least eventful. Here are some of what's happened:

*On 1/11/11, I lost my wedding ring. It's funny to look at this picture now because both of those rings are lost (Evan lost his in the ocean within weeks after getting married):
I have no idea where I lost it. I did not lose it in the pool, and I did not take it off and leave it somewhere. Sometime during the course of the day it slipped off my finger unnoticed, and although we've looked and looked, we still haven't found it. Evan even offered the kids a $50 reward. For awhile they were crawling under beds looking for it, but got bored with that pretty quickly. I'm still waiting for it to show up somewhere. In the meantime, I bought this fake ring for $22:*We've had snow storm after snow storm. No complaints here. Everywhere I go people are complaining, and I'm sure they'd be cursing me if they knew I was inwardly reveling at all the snow. But this is how winter should be; it's the type if winter I've always dreamed of having. Bring on the snow! *We've had a surprising lack of sickness this year. Usually January is spent taking weekly trips to the doctor. But this year, January was sick-free. Just a bit of sniffles for the kids for a few days, but nothing more. It's been great (knock on wood, please!).

*Waimea started attending a one hour a week preschool at the community center. She is LOVING it. We do art for about a half hour, and then gym for a half hour. It's been fun to see her get so excited about something.

*This past Sunday I got a new calling (yet again!). I was the primary pianist for one year and one month. Best calling ever! So sad I was released!! Now I get to be a sunbeam teacher. With Evan. Teaching Waimea. Fun. Now I get to have her crawling all over me for ALL of church, instead of just sacrament meeting. But hey--it's better than teaching older kids and much, much, much better than teaching adults! We get to teach lessons like "I have a body," "I am thankful for birds and insects," and "Music makes me happy."

*We've started working on our house again. We took a pretty long break from it. Our current plan is to put the house on the market in May. That means a LOT of work to do before then. Nothing major--just all the finishing touches. I've been making myself do something everyday, even if it's just to caulk a doorframe.

We recently (as in the last 6 months) have had to re-do parts of our master bath. Specifically the floor. The grout was cracking everywhere, so we had to rip it up and reinforce the subfloor, and then re-tile. The big problem was that they had discontinued the tile that we had used, so we had to find a substitute--one that complimented the shower tile, but didn't look like we were trying too hard to match it. I cannot tell you how long that took--many, many, MANY trips to the store and back, buying and returning tile. Ironically, the tile that we ended up using, we bought on-line, sight-unseen (except for the tiny little picture). But it was far better than anything we found in the stores. We also re-painted. The muted green was really getting to me, so I found a taupish-grey that I love, and it blends everything in wonderfully. If you'd like to see the originals and before pictures, click here. Here is the after: I finally finished the doorway into this bathroom, too. It has been sitting for a few years, unpainted, uncaulked, and even unprimed in a few places. But it's done. Glad to have one room entirely complete!

This is another one of our long-standing projects:
We tore out the old, 80's oak banister, extended the wall to the ceiling in the corner (to avoid the cage-feeling that was there before), and put in a more contemporary-looking banister. We also tore out the carpet on the stairs and put bamboo over the current treads. It still has some work that needs to be done (painting of risers and mouldings), but my parents have been bugging me for awhile to post pictures of what it looks like. So here it is!

I'm sure there will be many more house updates in the next few months as we continue to finish rooms. Wish us luck, please. We need the motivation!

Offend someone today. Check.

Today a woman at the gym tried to engage me in conversation in the locker room as we were getting ready:
"So I tried to get my daughter to get a facial with me today, and she just didn't want to come!"

Me: (A long pause as I look around, trying to find who she is talking to, then realize it's me because there's no one else around). "Okay."

Sorry, but what am I supposed to say to that?! I really have no idea what a facial is, what it entails, or what the appeal of them are. But I know they cost a lot of money. And that you just sit there while someone pampers you. The last thing I'd do is spend money and time on a facial, so I don't blame her daughter for not wanting to get one. And I just can't fake being aghast at something so trivial. I don't even want to try.

Then she says to me: "You know, because I have a few hours with nothing to do--so why not get a facial."

Me: (I'm SURE I'm giving her one of my looks by this point). "Mmmm--hmmm......?"

Yeah, still can't fake it. A few hours with nothing to do? Even when my kids are off my hands, I still never say that. There's always something I can find to do. Always. A facial would not be one of them.

Luckily I was ready to go by this point, and she turned around for a second, so I just took off. I'm sure I've offended her. She probably cursed me after I left. (This IS New Jersey, after all).

Do I care? Not a bit. Should I care? You tell me.