Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

It's funny to look at this picture now after what happened less than five minutes later.
In this picture, we have just finished all the food preparations: our unaromatic turkey (we kept waiting for it to start filling the house with turkey smell as it was cooking, but it never did!), mashed potatoes, rolls, apple stuffing, gravy, sweet potato casserole, jello salad, peas, and cran-sprite drink. Waimea has decorated our entire wall with Thanksgiving decorations. And we are all starving and wanting to eat.

Then, out of nowhere, Spencer says he doesn't feel well, and needs to throw up. We tell him to get to the bathroom, but he doesn't make it. So we got to start our Thanksgiving feast this year cleaning up throw-up. He ended up having the stomach flu, and didn't get to eat his Thanksgiving dinner until Saturday night.

(Ironically, Erik ended up getting the same bug the night before he was to fly out Wednesday morning. We thought we were in the clear by that point. But Erik missed his flight, and his interview in Seattle, and had to reschedule both. BUT, we got to have him here an extra three days.)

Black Friday was spent glued to the internet, awaiting the fantastic amazon lightning deals that weren't quite as fantastic this year. And dealing with Spencer's stomach flu issues coming from the other end. If you know what I mean.

Luckily Saturday was much more cheerful--we continued with our tradition of buying a fresh tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. The kids had a blast decorating it. And Spencer is getting tall enough now that the ornaments aren't all clustered in the bottom 2 feet of the tree.
It's a great way for Evan and I to celebrate our anniversary of meeting each other (8 years ago that night, at a party of all places).

What a memorable weekend.