Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Hope I Never Have To Do That Again

I was 13 weeks pregnant. I went in for my first OB appointment on Monday. The doctor couldn't pick up a heartbeat on the doppler, so she sent me in for an ultrasound. Turns out the baby never really formed. A blighted ovum, or early pregnancy failure, is what it's officially called. Miscarriage Tuesday night. Definitely on the top five worst events of my life. I won't go into the the details, but click here if you want more info on a blighted ovum.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

January Happenings

We finally got our first snowstorm last week. There were a few storms while were gone for Christmas, and we came back expecting there to be snow on the ground, but the ground was as bare as when we had left. But we finally had a real storm, and it dumped around 6-8 inches of snow. Not a huge amount, but enough to play in:
Waimea went to a birthday party at a beauty salon:
She came home having experienced things I never have, including a manicure and a facial. They also did her hair (I pity the person who did it!--she screams and cries the minute I touch it), put beads in it, and applied make-up.
Erik came back for his interview in Springfield and spent a few days with us, including his birthday. Good choice on the pumpkin cheesecake, Eh-eh!


Trying to be just like daddy:

Christmas 2011

We had a few Christmases this year. 2 with Evan's family, one with mine. It can be hard to get all of Evan's siblings together sometimes, which is why we had two: one on the 23rd and the other Christmas day. Here are some shots of the kids opening gifts on the 23rd:A dream come true for Spencer: Harry Potter stuff AND Legos:And Mea got princesses and kitty cats:Christmas Eve is my family's traditionally big day. We have our yummy Christmas food to kick off the celebrations:
Then we gather around the tree and have a spiritual message:
And then take turns opening gifts. The kids are amazingly patient during this time, watching all their aunts and uncles open a gift before they get to open another:

It was a great Christmas! We're glad we went to Utah, but we wish there had been at least one snowstorm! Thanks for putting up with us, families!

Blanding Trip

Now that Evan is a student (again), we have more vacation time. So we decided to go to Utah for three weeks around Christmas. We spent the first week with Evan's parents down in Blanding, which is about an hour south of Moab in south-eastern Utah.

We had a fun trip, with a lot of time spent playing with toys in the basement. In between, we took some mini road trips to some sites nearby.

The first of these was Four Corners, the place where Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico meet. It's actually of Navajo land, and they've built the place up quite a bit. I was expecting a simple plaque on the ground. Here we are, trying to get a family picture in with each of us in a different state, but Waimea would not cooperate. So Evan is straddling the Utah/Arizona line:
The plaque I was expecting:
The building in the background is an open market where the Navajo people come to sell their goods. There were a few shops open, but it was so cold. Grandma and grandpa treated the kids to a dream catcher and jewelry.
On another day Grandpa took the kids and Evan fishing at the local reservoir (they stock it with fish). They were just getting ready to pack up and come home, empty-handed, when they caught an albino rainbow trout.
Here's a blurry picture of what they caught:
Next trip: Monument Valley, also on Navajo Nation land. (We told the kids we were going to Ornament Valley, like in the movie Cars. Bad idea--Waimea was sad at the end because we didn't see Mater or Lightning McQueen or Sally). It was really quite an impressive place. The pictures just don't quite do it justice:
We ate lunch at a restaurant with this view:
And then drove through the park, viewing all the monuments. It was really neat!
We found a "W" for Waimea:
Looks like it should be warm, but the wind was bitter cold.
It was a really great trip! Thanks for having us grandma and grandpa, and for the awesome outings!