Saturday, October 27, 2012

Another Angry Bird Party

 Waimea turned 5 recently.  She's thrilled to have reached this milestone.  We celebrated on two separate days.  On her actual birthday, we had some friends over to share in her birthday donut breakfast:
She opened her presents in the morning so she could enjoy them throughout the day.  She chose McDonalds for her special lunch.  And I made her go to the gym, even on her birthday (what a horrible mother I am).

Here she is, blowing out candles in her birthday pudding after a Finnish pancake dinner.

 And then, a few days later, we had her Angry Bird birthday party.  She had a few friends over:
Waimea and her friend O
W and Spencer
L and C
We started out playing Angry Bird Bingo.  This actually entertained the kids the best for the longest.  It was a hit!  Then we played, Save the Birds.  We had balloons representing birds filled with candy, and balloons representing pigs not filled with candy.  The kids took turns throwing an angry bird at the balloons.  Whatever balloon they hit, we popped, and if it had candy in it, then they got to add it to their stash.  After the birds were all "saved", we played the "bird, bird, pig" version of "duck, duck, goose."  We had an egg hunt, followed by pizza and cupcakes.  We were going to have a puppet show with all our stuffed angry birds, but ran out of time.  But the kids all seemed to have a blast.  

They all took home a bird, a bag with their candy in it, and they each ate a few cupcakes.  
A closer look at the cupcakes.  I didn't do as good a job this time around as I did with Spencer's.  Not that the kids noticed.  
A closer look at the birds they got to take home with them.  I used the basic pattern for an angry bird found here, but made up the girl face and added a bow.  
It was a great party, but I think I'm done with making Angry Birds for awhile.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Camping Trip with Eh-eh

 Erik finally had a weekend off of his residency.  What better way to spend it than camping?  Unfortunately, I always seem to forget to take pictures of the actual campsite.  But here are some from the hikes we went on:
 Spencer took these next two:

 We camped at White Pines Forest Nature Preserve state park near Oregon, Il.  It was kind of a random pick.  And it was just what we predicted it would be:  a forest plot right in the middle of cornfields with campsites sitting right on top of each other with very little tree cover.  But it was cold enough that all the sites weren't taken,and the sun helped warm us up, so it wasn't too bad.  No crazy stories, despite being in a state park.  But we will never go there in the summer.

We had a blast.  The kids were uber-excited to see Eh-eh after a month of not seeing him.  Can't wait to see him again.....if he can get through this month in the ICU with its crazy schedule.  :)

Snuggie Wearers Unite

Visitors, Visitors, and More Visitors

 We had a busy two months with visitors.

My sister, Andrea came for two weeks in August.  Waimea was dressing her up right away:

She's never been to Chicago, so we had fun showing her the sites.  We visited the beach:
 We went to the Lincoln Park Zoo:
 And (not pictured because there were just too many) we went to the Navy Pier, Millenium Park, saw the bean, and went to the Shedd Aquarium.  It was a fun, but busy week.

My parents arrived the next week on their way home from Finland.  Spencer and Pappa had their annual ritual of eating the romaine lettuce right off the heart, down to the nub:
 My parents aren't big on seeing sites (they're so exhausted and jet-lagged after Finland that it's understandable), so we just spent a lot of time together.

Then we had a few weeks break before Evan's parents arrived for a week visit.  While they were here, we visited the Shedd Aquarium (the kids didn't go with Andrea and I when she was visiting; the kids were crushed when they found out where we had gone).  Here they are playing in the submarine:
 Spencer, Evan, and Grandpa went to a cubs game.  It was Spencer's first baseball game, ever:
And we went to Legoland Discovery Center.  The kids had a blast here:
 Waimea went on this ride far too many times, and grandma was a sport to go along with her:
They also treated us to some Lou Malnati's pizza.  Chicago-style pizza at its best!

It was a great couple of months of visitors.  And all our activities were accomplished without the use of our minivan.  Hooray for public transportation--the "L" to get into the city, and a 1.5 hour bus ride each direction to get to the Lego museum.  Soooo glad our minivan is back and working again, but it's to bad we didn't have it when we really needed it.

Thanks, everyone, for the great visits!