Friday, December 28, 2012

Surviving Bed Rest and Christmas 2012

Today marks 4 weeks of bed rest.  28 stinking days.  And I still don't know how much longer I'll be stuck on the couch.  I'm not going to lie--it hasn't been fun.  

The first week was absolutely awful.  I read a book per day to try and distract me, but it wasn't enough.  I still had a crying session nearly every evening.  I tried to sew--I had my sewing machine put on a crate at couch level.  I used my right hand to push the pedal, and my left to direct my sewing.  But I got pretty frustrated because my finished products were not up to par.  

Week two, Evan handed me a CD of the Lords of the Realm II, which my brothers were really into, and  I used to play every now and then back in college.  I'm ashamed to say that much of week 2 and part of week 3 was spent conquering the game.  Also during week two, we decided that since we couldn't fly to Utah for Christmas as was originally planned, we would drive, as long as my ultrasound showed improvement in the bleeding, which it did.  

So week 3 began with a 2-day drive to Utah.  Poor Evan had to drive the whole way.  I started out laying down in the backseat of our minivan, but moved to the front at night, with my seat fully reclined, to keep Evan company.  I found that the back was much bumpier than the front (my doctor's biggest concern with us driving), so I stuck with the front for all of day 2.  The weather was great, except for a 20-mile stretch between Laramie and Rawlins, WY, where we crawled along at 25 MPH through a ground blizzard.  

Upon arriving in Utah, we were greeted with lots and lots of snow:

The kids had a blast playing with aunt and uncles, mummi and pappa, sledding, playing games:
 At the end of week 3 of bed rest, we headed up Provo canyon where Evan's family rented a cabin.

It was a pretty neat little cabin--two main floors, a basement and a loft.  Two kitchens, a few living room areas, a ping pong table, a foosball table, and plenty of space for us all.  The kids spent more time sledding, doing crafts with grandma to decorate the little tree, playing wii and other games, and just having fun being with family:

Needless to say, even though I was stuck on the couch for all of it, week 3 passed much quicker than the previous two.  Totally worth the 2 day drive.  I think even Evan would agree.  

Week 4 has been a continuation.  Decorating Christmas cookies:

 Getting dumped with snow Christmas Eve!!!  Talk about a dream come true.

 My view from the couch:
 And then our annual Christmas Eve tradition of Finnish food, a visit from Santa, and opening gifts:
These are the ones Santa brought.
Andrea divvying up the gifts
One of Waimea's gifts to Erik--a hand turkey.  She wrapped up so many random things this year; it was hilarious to see what she "gave away," including her blanky, many of her toys, and a yo-yo made of ribbon and one of Cheep's (our parakeet) tail feathers.  
One of Andrea's gifts for Erik
And two more days of post-Christmas snow.  The kids have gone ice-skating, and cross-country skiing.  Evan has done more than his fair share of snow-shoveling (his choice--no one's making him do it).  I've been observing everything from my choice of a few couches, with a few steps taken outside.  I've played altogether too much sudoku, mah jong tiles, free cell, and Sporcle.  But I can't tell you how much better it has been these last two weeks than the first two.  

A week and a half to go until my next doctor's appointment.  I haven't had any spotting or bleeding for over two weeks now, and I'm quite sure I'm feeling the baby kick.  So I'm hoping for more good news, and maybe even getting off bed rest.  Or at least having a little more freedom.  In the meantime, we have another week with family, and a two-day drive home.

Homemade Christmas Gifts 2012

Being poor and back in grad school, I knew I needed to be creative about Christmas gifts again this year.  Here are some of the gifts I made:

A wall quilt for my mom, to hang in the cabin
A fishing vest for my brother, Jeremy, an avid fly fisherman.  I made this laying down, on bed rest.  Not my best work, but good enough that he's already stashed the pockets full of his gear, so I think he plans on using it.  

A stocking for my sister.  She's been wanting to replace our juvenile-looking ones for years.  She had planned on making this herself when she came to visit in August, but never did.  
A fish purse for my bag-loving sister-in-law, Amy.    Thanks to this website for the inspiration and pattern.  
And a high-definition antennae that Evan made for Amy.  Nothing like the gift of free tv watching, right? Evan made one of these for our home a few months ago, and it works great at getting all the local stations and a few extras.  He also made one for Erik for Christmas, too.  Who needs cable?  
 I had plans to make something for my other brother, Evan's parents, my grandparents, and my nieces and nephew, but bed rest sure messed up those plans.  They'll just have to wait until next year.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Two Weeks Later...

Good news!  I survived the first two weeks of bed rest.  The baby is still growing.  The bleeding behind the placenta is still there, but it's better than it was two weeks ago.  So at least the bed rest hasn't been a complete waste.  I still have to stay on bed rest, but I don't have to be quite as strict about is as I was before.  
He's waving!
And... right now he's temporarily a boy.  The earliest that they can tell is 15 weeks.  I'm just barely over that.  So it's not definitive yet--I may come back at 20 weeks and have a girl.  But for now, I can gloat and say I guessed correctly.  That's 3 out of 3.

Thanks, everyone, for the prayers, the dinners, and the help with cleaning and kids!!!  Please keep up the prayers--they've sure helped!!!