Saturday, January 26, 2013

More Good News

I'm officially off bed rest!

I had a 21 week ultrasound a few days ago.  They were checking to see if the subchorionic bleed was still there, and for any abnormalities that could have caused the subchorionic bleed.  The bleed was completely healed, and they could find no abnormalities. The baby is growing and healthy, and is measuring what he should be.  So the doctor sees no reason to stay on bed rest or to limit my activities.  I can even start exercising again.  But I have to ease my way into it.  I've been on full bed rest for 5 weeks, and partial for 3, so my body is going to take awhile getting back into things.  But I'm happy for the lack of restrictions!  And thrilled that baby is happy and healthy!

And...he's definitely a boy!  So now we have the fun task of agreeing on a boy name.  That can be difficult for Evan and I.  :)  Girl names, no problem.  Boys, though--we just constantly veto the other's ideas.  My only two requirements are these: 1) it cannot be on the 100 most popular boys name list for the last 5 years, and 2) it can't be weird or have weird spelling.  I would prefer it to be Finnish, but Finnish boy names don't transfer over well.  And I don't think I want a Hawaiian-sounding one.  So any ideas would be helpful!

In some other news, Spencer lost another tooth a few nights ago.  We're pretty sure he swallowed it.  We can't find it anywhere.  But the tooth fairy still gave him a visit.

I've sold 4 more items on my Etsy shop in January alone.  Not too shabby!  And to celebrate not being on bed rest anymore, I went to my favorite fabric buying location--the Crate and Barrel outlet.  I bought 9 pounds of Marimekko fabric remnants for a whopping $9.  Love that deal!!  And I'm excited to make some new items for my shop with what I found.

Erik came up from Springfield to celebrate his birthday last weekend.  He ended up getting 3 days off--unheard of for medical residency.  We splurged and treated him to Lou Malnati's Chicago-style pizza, and then went bowling with him on Monday.  It's nice to have some family close by.

It's finally snowing!  It snowed here while we were away in Utah for Christmas, but this is the first snow we've been here for.

All in all, it's been a great January.  Hoping the trend continues...

Monday, January 7, 2013

2012 Year in Review

2012 was a pretty tough year for us.  But we had some good times along with the bad.  Here's a summary of our year:

January--started out the year with bad news--miscarriage #2 at 13 weeks along
February--honestly, this month was a blur of depression.  See January.
March--kind of a repeat of February
April--Spencer turns 7, Evan and I celebrate 8 years married.
May--Evan was super-busy prepping for his prelim exams, we planted our first garden
June--the kids and I took a trip to Finland; Evan took and passed his prelims
July--got in a car accident (completely not our fault), took a camping trip to Wisconsin in our Honda
August--Spencer started 2nd grade; I opened my etsy shop on my birthday; we sold our house in NJ
September--our minivan finally got fixed at no cost to us; we found out we were expecting baby #3
October--Waimea turned 5 and started real preschool; we started actually believing I was pregnant
November--pregnancy took a turn for the worse, including a trip to the ER
December--spent the entire month on bed rest.  But was able to spend Christmas with family.

Also this year, I set out to read 60 books.  I ended up reading 64 new, never-read-before books (and that's not including books I started and didn't finish).  Not bad.  This year my goal is only 65. (Hey, 64 was hard enough--no need to set my heights too high).

Our garden sort of failed.  We had a few items--one cucumber, a handful of green beans, some sun-dried peas, some very bitter lettuce, and some green tomatoes that never ripened.  We had some corn that looked promising, but then we went out one day and they were completely gone.  Around November our broccoli was finally starting to bloom, but then it got too cold, and they died.  All around, I'd say our garden was a failure.  But we learned a lot in the process.

I finally opened an etsy shop after years of mulling over the idea.  Since it's opening day at the end of august, I have sold 8 items.  Not a ton, but more than I was expecting.  I still haven't come up with a good name.  Katikokko isn't exactly one that people can easily remember and pass on.  Any suggestions?

We have high hopes for 2013.  We have a baptism and baby birth to look forward to.  Mea will start kindergarten in the fall.  We have to take a trip somewhere this summer (and use up the travel vouchers from our failed Christmas trip).  Evan is moving along nicely with his research, and declares he WILL be done in 2.5 more years.  And even if things turn sour, if can't be much worse than 2012, right?  I sure hope not!