Sunday, March 17, 2013

What We've Been Up To...

Quite frankly, not much.  Just plugging along.

A few things of note:

I'm 28 weeks along.  Into the 3rd trimester we go.  So far, so good.  Baby boy is a kicking machine.  I started swimming again about 3 weeks ago, starting out really easy, gradually adding more each week.  I'm finally up to 2000 meters (just over 1 mile) after 3 weeks.  Here's a pic of my 28 week, 3 day belly:

I took the 1 hour glucose tolerance test a few weeks back and failed. The test is supposed to determine whether you have gestational diabetes. I had a score of 160 (under 140 is considered safe).  So it meant I have to retake it with the 3-hour glucose tolerance test.  The 1 hour test is bad enough--you drink a sugary drink, then sit for an hour, and then have your blood drawn.  The 3-hour one is much worse.  They start by drawing your blood.  You wait an hour.  Then you take the drink, but this time you have to drink twice as much of the nasty stuff.  Then sit for the next 3 hours and have your blood drawn 3 more times, once every hour.  4 hours, 4 blood drawings.  Not fun.  But, the gestational diabetes for me.

My etsy shop is doing well.  4 sales in January, 3 in February, and already 6 in March, with the month only half over.  19 sales total since the end of August.  I'm definitely pleased!  It's been fun coming up with dresses and making them.  And since I've purchased my fabric so cheaply, it's at least 95% profit for me on each item.

My youngest brother, Jokke, is getting married!!!  FINALLY I will have another sibling married.  Sometimes I think he's still too young to get married, but then I realize he'll be 25 in April.  I got married just a few months before I turned 25.  The really exciting news, though, is that he's marrying a Finn!!  Sonja is her name, from Oulu, Finland.  Jokke met her at a young adult LDS conference in Finland a few summers back.  They've been in contact ever since, and she's been out to Utah to visit him twice now.  They are getting married in August in Finland, which means...we're off to Finland again this summer!!!  So glad to have a reason to go.  (It also means we'll be taking a 2-month old baby on a 9-hour flight, but...worth it.)

Evan has been coming up with some great research.  He just came up with another idea for a paper.  So far it's looking like he will be graduating in 4 total years (I still can't believe we're almost half done).  I'm so glad he's so motivated to get it done fast.  He just has one quarter of classes left before he can dedicate all his time to research and writing papers.

The kiddos are doing well and excited for baby to come.  Spencer will be turning 8 next month, but we will be waiting until June for him to get baptized.  We've decided to combine his baptism with the baby's blessing.  So mark your calendars--June 15th is baby blessing and baptism day.  All are invited.

And that's our update.  All in all, life is good.