Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Good and the Bad

We have officially name him:  Davin Tyler Barlow.  

The good news:  he was all set and ready to go home today.  From his health perspective, he is doing great.  Eating well, breathing well, acting normal.  

The bad news:  they got the test results back from my placenta and found accute inflammation and chorioamnionitis.  Read all about it here.  Basically, my placenta was infected.  Whether it was from my having group B strep or from my water breaking and not really knowing it, they don't know.  As of right now they're quite sure that Davin didn't get any infection from my placenta, but he could have.  So as a precaution they are keeping him in the NICU to administer the last 4 days of the IV antibiotic treatment that he has currently been on since birth.  So he wasn't able to come home today after all, and will be coming home Sunday, instead.  

We're all sad about that, but know that it's better to keep him there and get him through the antibiotics. 

 Here he is at 48 hours old:  

And some cute pictures of him awake today:

 He really reminds me of newborn Spencer in this picture with his tongue kind of sticking out:

Love this kid already!  It's going to be a tough next four days, but we can't wait to have him home.  

Monday, May 6, 2013

Our Impatient Little Preemie

This little guy has been giving me trouble since the beginning.  Subchorionic hemorrhaging, threats of miscarriage, bed rest for 2 months, flu with pneumonia, pre-term labor threats a few weeks ago, and now here he is, 1 month early.  Impatient little guy.  Months ago I had a feeling he would be coming early, but I had no idea how early.  

My water broke Sunday morning, but I didn't believe it at first.  It wasn't a gush or anything--just a few drops.  So I went to church thinking everything was okay.  We came home and Evan made me call the doctor.  They had me come in to the hospital to get it checked out, but even when I got there, I could tell they thought it was just nothing.  But they ran the tests, and sure enough, the water had broken.  Luckily I had packed a hospital bag right before coming, just in case.  

He came pretty fast, all things considered.  I didn't check into the hospital until almost 2, and at that point I hadn't been having any contractions (not that day, anyway).  They put me on pitocin.  I progressed very slowly at first, and they kept upping the pitocin.  I was determined to not get an epidural, because I had one with Spencer, and it caused frustrating sucking issues for a while.  So I held off on painkillers and everything for as long as I could.  But then it got to the point that I was hyperventilating, and my hands and feet were numb, and my whole body was shaking, so I had some narcotics put into my IV to relax.  The doctor and nurses thought that I would still be in labor for another 4-5 hours before he would be born, so they thought the narcotics would wear off before he came.  

Not so.  I progressed from a 7 to a 10 in a matter of minutes.  The doctor never even left the room.  They had to tell me to hold him in because the room wasn't ready yet.  That wasn't fun.  But then out he came, and they whisked him away to check him out.  Initially everything was great.  The pediatrician even left the room. But then the narcotics that were still in his system started showing signs--he kept forgetting to breathe.  Here he is below, starting to turn blue:
 Into the NICU he went, hooked up to oxygen and an IV.  I was finally able to hold him a few hours later:

He's doing a lot better today.  They are hoping to have him off the oxygen by this afternoon, and nursing by tonight or tomorrow.  They are predicting that he'll be in the NICU for 3-7 days.  

Here are the stats:
Born May 5, 2013, 9:36 PM, 5 lbs 15.5 oz, 19" long.
Not a bad size considering he was exactly a month early.  Even Spencer at full term was only half a pound heavier.  We're just glad he came now instead of two weeks ago when we had another scare--I started having contractions (real ones, not the braxton-hicks), and they wouldn't go away.  I had to come to the hospital then, too, and get checked out.  They gave me an IV and ran some tests.  The contractions went away, so they were guessing I was just dehydrated.  But it scared us, nonetheless.  I'm just SO glad he waited at least two more weeks to make his appearance.  Like I said, he's been an impatient little dude.

As for a name, we're still toying with the name Davin (like Gavin, but with a D).  It's a scandinavian name that means "brilliant Finn."  No middle name yet.