Monday, June 24, 2013

Still Like A Newborn

At almost 2 months old, Davin is still sleeping most of the day.  He really only has 2-3 periods per day where he is awake for 1-2 hours each time.  But that's not to say that he sleeps peacefully the rest of the time.  Most of his sleep is disrupted periods of fussiness.  And a lot of the time he is awake, he is also quite fussy. 
We've learned that a lot of this is typical in a baby born a month early.  He's going to spend the first year of his life playing catch-up.  Sleep is a great way to get through it.  

We've also figured out part of the reason why he is so fussy:  he has a milk protein allergy.  That doesn't mean he is allergic to my milk, it means that when I eat dairy products, the proteins are passed through my milk to him, and those proteins cause stomach and digestive pain, gassiness, bloating, and other discomforting side effects.  I am now on a dairy-free diet, and his fussiness has lessened.  One night while on this dairy-free diet, I made the mistake of giving him some milk that I had leftover from his stay in the hospital that had dairy in it.  The fussiness and digestive issues came back strong, so we know that it is indeed a milk protein allergy.  

But, despite his fussiness, we love him to pieces.  And in his sleep, we can occasionally get a cute smile like this:  
 And for a little bit of his wakeful periods, he is relatively content, especially when held by someone who loves him:

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Baptism and Blessing Day

It was an important day for us here.  Spencer was baptized and Davin was blessed.  Normally children who attend our church are given a name and blessing shortly after birth, and then baptized at the age of 8.  We decided to combine the two events into one so that family living away from us would be able to attend both.

We had a lot of family attend:  both sets of grandparents, a brother and sister of mine (Erik and Andrea), and a sister and brother and brother's family of Evan's (Amy, Todd, Kristy, and cousins Owen and Erin).  

We aren't allowed to take pictures of the actual event, but here are Spencer and Evan, dressed in white, ready to perform the baptism and be baptized:

 Afterwards, we had a big family get-together back at the house, and we tried to take some pictures of everyone, but the kids sure weren't cooperating:

 Here are all the family members who attended:
 And a funny candid shot:
 Brothers on their big day (Spencer immediately changed into his pajamas when we got home):
 And here's our family, trying to imitate Davin's bugsy eye stare with tongue-sticking-out face:
  Our gift to Spencer on this occasion was a candy bar card:
It reads:  "Dear Spencer, It's a WHOPPER of a day for you, and what you are doing is more than a FUN DIP, it's a real LIFESAVER.  We think you're EXTRA special, but we aren't the only ones.  You're worth more than 100 GRAND to your Heavenly Father.  Remember that when you're in a CRUNCH that sometimes we can be AIRHEADS, but God is always willing to forgive us.  You'll SKOR big in heaven, more than any PAYDAY.  We love you to PIECES.  CHEETOS."

It was a great day, and we're grateful to all the friends and family who made this day so special for Spencer and Davin.  

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Preschool Graduation

Waimea attended the local high school preschool this past year.  She had a blast, and she was fortunate enough to attend with two of her friends from church.  Mid-May there was a "graduation" for the preschoolers; it was more of a disorganized performance.  But trying to orchestrate high-schoolers to teach preschoolers can't be an easy thing.  Waimea initially refused to go to school that day, but after bribing her with candy, she was willing to give it a go.  For most of it, the kids looked like this, just staring blankly around: 
Near the end they started to get involved in some of the songs:
 Here she is with her buddy Weston:
 And Olivia:
 With Mrs. Meyer, the head teacher:
 And Miss Nida, her "advocate":  
One of her favorite things about preschool was riding a bus to the Shedd Aquarium in downtown Chicago.  She will definitely miss all her friends (old and new), but is counting down the days to Kindergarten.  

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

One Month On His Due Date

He should have been due today.  It's crazy that he's already one month old.  Here's a month worth of pictures:
1 day old

3 days old

Evan's first time holding him--4 days old

He finally left the hospital when he was 1 week old.  If just happened to also be Mother's Day.  It was the best  gift ever.  

1 week old.  Spencer's first time holding him.  Both kids had only seen him twice before, both times through glass.

Mea's first time holding him

Grandma arrived to help us out.  So she got to hold him on Mother's Day, too.  

The kids can't get enough of him

2 weeks old.  Finally awake!

A rare picture of Mommy

Look at all that dark hair.  

First bath.  His cord fell off 1 day shy of 3 weeks.  He wasn't very happy with the bath.
3 weeks old.  First day at church.

Love this pose  

4 weeks old!

Another rare picture of mommy

Sporting the onesie suit mommy made--vest and tie sewn onto a onesie

Today we had a 1 month check-up.  He weighed in at 7 lbs, 15 oz, 20 inches long.  So in the last 2.5 weeks, he has gained a whopping 2 lbs.  Not too shabby!!

We all love this little man, and feel so blessed he's here with us.  He's well worth all the trouble he gave during pregnancy.