Monday, July 22, 2013

A Month of Davin in Photos

Summer Recap

We've had a busy summer so far.  Full of visits and visitors.  I've already posted about Spencer's baptism and Davin's baby blessing, and all the visitors we had for that event.  But I didn't post about the amazing donuts that my parents brought us from their trip to visit my brother in Springfield:  
 LOVE these donuts!
 After everyone left, we had some down time, and then took a field trip at the end of June up to Pleasant Prairie, WI (only 45 minutes away).  We stopped in at the Jelly Belly Factory and took their free tour.
 And then spent more money than we should have on candy in their factory store.
 July 2 we used our vouchers from our canceled flights at Christmas and flew to Utah.  This was our first time in Utah in the summer in 6 years.  Our friends from New Jersey spend every summer in Utah, and we promised them that the next time we went to Utah in the summer we'd meet up with them.  The kids were thrilled!  Best friends re-united!

 The 4th of July we spent with my brothers Jeremy and Jokke, my cousin D, my grandparents, and my brother's girlfriend T, and her daughter, T.  We made homemade rootbeer, homemade ice cream, had a barbeque, and then went down near Thanksgiving Point to watch the fireworks.  We brought along poppers and sparklers to pass the time until the fireworks began.

 July 5, we headed down to Blanding, UT, to spend the next two weeks with Grandma and Grandpa.  Shortly after we arrived, the prairie dogs decided to make an attach on the garden.  So Grandpa got out his air rifle pellet gun, and Spencer and Evan spent many hours trying to shoot them.
 We visited the local Dinosaur Museum:
 We had a barbeque up in the mountains above Blanding:
 We went bowling at the local bowling alley (which strangely enough, was inside a gas station):
 And we spent many, many hours at the local wellness center pool.  Davin stayed home and had some great one-on-one time with Grandma.

Now we are back in Chicago, packing up our home for our move to a home 1/2 mile away.  More on that to come.