Sunday, September 8, 2013

4 Months!

This little guy is 4 months old!  To celebrate he decided to roll over.  He rolled from his tummy to his back three times in a row, and then hasn't done it again since.  

He decided he was ready to grow and catch up these past 2 months.  At his 2-month check-up, his height was in the 22nd percentile, and his weight was 23%.  Since then, he decided to bump it up into the 73 percentile for height and 48 percentile for weight.  So in 2 months time, he grew 3 1/2 inches, and gained 4 1/2 pounds.  Not too shabby for a preemie!
 He smiles and giggles.
 He likes to suck on his fist and stare and computer/tablet screens.
 And when he's on his back he kicks and kicks and kicks.

Happy 4 months, big guy!