Thursday, October 31, 2013

Homemade Halloween 2013

It's been a crazy month!  I'm so glad it's over.  I've spent the month in my basement sewing costumes and in Utah helping out with my brother's wedding (more on those in another post!).  It's been kind of nice the last few days to not have any deadlines to worry about.  

This year Waimea left behind the princesses (halelujah) and went for a bird. She saw the movie Rio back in May and declared then that she wanted to be Jewel.  And she stuck with that plan.  But because of my crazy costume-making schedule for my etsy shop, though, I wasn't able to even start making her costume until the day before our church's trunk or treat.  I was worried she'd be disappointed with the simplicity of what I came up with, but as soon as it was finished, she was wearing it and not wanting to take it off.  She wore it all day last Saturday, came home from church and wore it all day Sunday, and came home and wore it every day after school since.  And at today's Halloween parade at school, the principal picked her to walk hand-in-hand with.  It's been fun watching her "fly" around fluttering her wings.

 Luckily I made almost all of Davin's costume back in September, before the crazy etsy rush.  For him I wanted a costume that he could sit in so that we could stroll him around while trick-or-treating.  This seemed like a good solution:
 Unfortunately, though, because we had a crazy-rainy day today, Davin stayed home with daddy passing out candy in his "my first Halloween" shirt (gifted--I would never buy a shirt like that).  But at least we used his costume at the trunk-or-treat last Saturday.

 This year Spencer took us up on our offer of getting paid ($5) to use an old Halloween costume.  He used last year's Green Ninja Ninjago costume.  Sooo glad he did--I had no time to make him a new one.  I finished up the hood this year, though:
 We decided to go trick-or-treating with friends this year.  I put my kids in our ponchos to attempt to keep them a little dry.  And they lasted a lot longer than usual, thanks to being with friends:

Saturday, October 19, 2013

5 Months +

Now that he's almost 6 months old, I'm finally posting Davin's 5 month pictures.  

This month he:  
-smiles and giggles even more
-absolutely loves his siblings 
-is eating rice cereal, but only likes it when it's flavored with milk
-can finally drive 20-30 minutes in the car without screaming
-reaches out to grab and play with toys
-regularly rolls tummy to back
-wants to sit and stand
-when he's in his car seat, he has to find his sweet spot to hold on to (see his left hand in picture below)
-can sleep 10 hour stretches at night without a feeding, but usually only goes 7-8
-is finally starting to get on a schedule

Wedding Day

After almost 10 years of marriage, I finally have another sibling married: my youngest brother got married today.  He served a mission in Japan, and when he came home he seemed set on marrying an Asian girl.  So he completely took us by surprise by falling in love with and marrying a Finnish girl.   

Sonja from Oulu.  They met at a young adult conference in Finland 3 years ago.  She speaks perfect English, which is good, because Jokke doesn't speak much Finnish.  They are such a cute couple and we're so glad she's part of our family.  And we're glad that her parents and a few siblings were able to make it out here to witness the ceremony and celebrate with us.  Here are some pictures from today:

It was definitely a happy day.