Monday, January 20, 2014

We're Off to a Bad Start

We've kind of had a rough month.  A rotten string of bad luck.  We're being "compelled to be humble."  Call it what you want, but it seems that everything is going wrong.

It started back mid-December, days before our trip to Utah for Christmas.  Our dryer broke.  The motor just stopped working.  Our landlady ended up replacing it with a dryer just as old as the broken one.  Let's hope it lasts.

Then, while we were gone, someone broke into our minivan that was parked in our driveway and stole the front face off our stereo.  It's ironic because the front face is worthless by itself--they didn't even bother to steal the whole stereo.  What's even more ironic is that we had about 200 cd's sitting in their cases and a GPS right there, which they completely left alone.

Then, within days of being home from our vacation, our sewer system clogs and backs up.  We had to vacuum up water in the basement and dump it down the emergency back-up sump pump.  And then we had to wait 36 hours before the plumber was able to come and fix it.  That meant 36 hours without flushing the toilet or letting anything go down the sink.  And this fell on a weekend, so we were all home.  Not a fun weekend!

Then, a few days later, our oven broke.  The bake setting simply stopped, mid-bake.  That issue is still not resolved.

And then the next morning, I got into an accident.  Up until I moved here to Chicago, I had never been in an accident in my entire life.  Not even a simple fender bender.  But in the last 1.5 years, I've been in 3.  Yes, 3!!  The first two I had absolutely no control over, completely not my fault.  But this last one---who can say?  If there hadn't been ice on the road and I hadn't been crossing a bridge overpass, there's no way the accident would've happened.  But the car in front of me crashed into the car in front of them, I slammed on my brakes, but because of the ice, my brakes did nothing, and I just slid right into him.

Both cars in front of me had some scratches and small dents, but that's about it.  My car, however...

Yeah, it didn't fare so well.  Pre-accident, the blue book value on this car was about $700.  We found out it would cost $1750 to fix it.  So rather than fix it, we sold it to the car shop for $350.  And we won't be replacing it.  The irony in this situation--of the millions of people in the Chicago metro area, the person I hit was the Church's mission president for this area.  Ha ha.

Next up--fast forward a few more days to today--our kitchen sink backed up.  Seriously backed up.  It practically overflowed after we ran the dishwasher.  That's how we discovered it had backed up.  Afraid to pester our landlord over yet another issue, Evan put his fix-it skills to work, and got down and opened up all the sink plumbing.  What he found was that the fittings were installed incorrectly, but he was able to resolve that issue pretty quickly.  So at least it wasn't backed up for any significant amount of time.

But seriously, it's one thing after another around here.  I keep asking after every incident--what's going to happen next?  And the question just keeps getting repeated.

But, like the mechanic said, at least we all have our health.  And it's true--it could always be much worse.  But here's to hoping nothing else fails.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Year 2013 in Review

It's been a good year!  Here's a month-to-month recap:

January:  spent most of the month on bed rest, but found out that our baby was a boy, and near the end of the month, was able to get off bed rest.

February and March:  ??  Did anything even happen during these months?  I definitely can't remember anything monumental or noteworthy.  I'm sure I was just reveling in post-bed rest happiness.

April:  We celebrated our 9th anniversary, Spencer turned 8.  I went into labor (only 33 weeks along) while sitting in a session at the temple.  After a visit to the hospital, they were able to get the contractions to stop.  And then we went camping the next weekend, a week before my water broke and I was induced.

May:  Davin was born!  On Cinco de Mayo, a full month before he was due.  It was a rough month, spending the first week of his life going back and forth to the hospital to nurse him and spend time with him.  A big THANKS to all the support we had from friends and ward members, and Evan's mom for coming out to help us.

June:  Spencer got baptized and Davin was blessed on the same day.   Lots of family came out for this event, including my parents, Evan's parents, and some siblings on both sides.

July:  We took a trip to Utah to use up the mileage credit from our canceled flights in December 2012.  We spent the majority of our time with Evan's family down in Blanding.  We all had a great time, and got lots of pool time at the city's awesome pool.  (Who would ever guess that Blanding would have a great pool??).

August:  We moved!  To a house across the street from the kid's school.  Finished basement, garage.  We've been a lot happier in our new house.

September:  School in full swing for the kids.  Both kids LOVE school and they love living across the street from the school.

October:  My brother, Jokke, got married.  I flew to Utah with Davin for the wedding.  I also had a record number of mermaid tail and costume orders (10) and had to turn down at least 6 more.  Such a busy month for me!

November:  Nothing too major or exciting happened this month.  I spent it unwinding after the crazy October I had.

December:  Spent Christmas in Utah with family (Davin's 3rd trip to Utah in his 7 months of life!).  We all had a blast!  My etsy shop has far and away exceeded my expectations.  I was hoping for an order or two a month.  I had almost 50 sales in 2013.  

It was a good year.  Definitely had its ups and downs, but what year doesn't??

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas 2013

Once again, we went to Utah to be with family for Christmas.  I started out our trip taking pictures, but didn't make it past Christmas.  Here are some of the things we did:

Gingerbread house making:  
 Mea's house:
 My attempt at a modern-style gingerbread.  I loaded it with too much candy, though, so it's a fail.
 Siblings end result--a log cabin, a gazebo, Santa's sleigh, and the eye of Sauron:
 Spencer wanted to make a hobbit hole (he hasn't seen the movie (way too young), but he has read the book (seriously, he has)).  I neglected to take the gingerbread off it's cooking support bowl in time, so he just had to decorate it still stuck to the bowl:
 Sledding!  One of the great advantages of staying at my grandparents' home is that they live on the side of the mountain.  So we have a great sled run right in the backyard:

 The final Christmas Eve present load:
 Getting ready for a visit from Santa:
 He's here!  And he had his Elf sit on his lap, too:
 Spencer still believes!  Do you??
 Young and old all have to sit on his lap:
 Oh, the excitement!
 Mea's not scared.  In fact, she wrapped some presents to give to Santa and put it under the tree.  So it became a gift exchange:
 Davin decided to eat his:

And that's the end of my picture taking.  Other things we did on this trip:
-visit Evan's family
-the kids watched "Frozen" with Evan's family
-went cross-country skiing
-went ice-skating
-watched "The Croods" far too many times
-had a blast being with family--a great way to end the year!

8 Months and on the Move

I neglected to post Davin's 7 month update.  And it's already beyond the 8 month mark, too.  But a lot of development has happened in the last few months.  Right around Thanksgiving time he learned how to roll tummy to back.  He had been on the verge of it for awhile, but just couldn't quite get it.  And maybe he was getting it sometimes in his crib at night but we just didn't witness it.  Because suddenly he caught on and was rolling all over the place.  

Within the next week I decided to try and see if he could sit up.  I was expecting him to flop over, but he never did.  He sat for a good 10 minutes.  No problem!
 "Piece of cake, mom!  What were you waiting for?"
 What was I waiting for??

 He loves his floor time now.  He rolls and sits and rolls some more.  And practices flying:
And then while in Utah for Christmas he decided he was going to crawl. 

It's still more of an army crawl/pull along the floor type thing than crawling, but he's definitely on the move.  Guess I'd better start cleaning up.  He's going to be into everything now.

Also this month:
-He says "dada" a lot, but it's always when he wants me.  So I guess I'm dada to him.
-Still no teeth.  But he's been "teething" for months.
-We tried to give him some finger foods, and he cannot get enough of those.
-He happily eats all fruits and veggies that I give him, but I still have to disguise the peas with other stuff.  He's good with meats, too.
-Still mostly dairy-free.
-Separation anxiety has hit.  Daddy can't even think about putting him to bed.
-He thinks anything Waimea or Spencer do is just the best thing ever.  He will laugh and laugh at everything he sees them do.  But if Evan or I try to do the same thing--he just stares at us like we're weirdos.

I know I say it every monthly post update, but we love having him in our family!!  And he's growing up way too fast!  8 months old already?!