Tuesday, February 11, 2014

9 Months!

This booger's personality has exploded this month.  Gone is the docile baby who happily sits on laps.  Now he wants to be down on the floor, getting into everything.  Toys aren't good enough anymore.  

One day we asked Spencer to keep an eye on him for a few minutes.  We came back to this:  
Spencer had tried to contain him in a circle of toys.  I think the only thing that made Davin stay put was that he was entertained by Spencer grabbing all the toys and arranging them around him.  

Davin idolizes Spencer.  It's really cute to see.  Thankfully Spencer rises to the occasion.  Here's Spencer feeding Davin:
 And a few more where Spencer had a graham cracker and Davin really wanted some:

 His favorite things to get into right now are cords, baskets full of DVD's, cell phones, remote controls, and anything else that doesn't look like a toy:

New skills this month include real crawling (not just the army crawl), and pulling himself to a standing position:

He also cut his first two teeth.  (No picture, sorry!)

Another fun thing that he picked up this month was his greeting.  Whenever one of us comes home and he sees us, he lets out repeated short, high, girly shrieks.  It's really funny.  

He had his 9 month doctor visit last week.  He's still a tall, skinny baby, but both percentiles went down (75% height, 9% weight).  We're pretty sure his head circumference went up quite a bit, though.  I don't have any previous head stats except for his 2 month stats where he was 4%.  This month it was 70%.  None of my kids have ever had big heads, so the 70% was kind of a surprise.  It's funny, though--sometime in the last month while Davin was sitting up on his changing table in just his onesie, Spencer made the remark, "Wow, Davin, you have a really big head and a really small body."  And it's true--when his baggy clothes are off and it's just a onesie--he really has a big head comparatively.  Lots of brain development this month, apparently.  We're working really hard on fattening him up.  He eats well and wants to eat all the time.  Not sure where all the food is going.  

Now if only he'll start sleeping well again.