Sunday, March 9, 2014

Stuffed Animal Storage Solution

I have a love/hate relationship with stuffed animals.  I hate the dust they collect. I hate the space that they take up.  But I love that they provide entertainment for my kids.  Annoyingly, my kids have always insisted on keeping their stuffed animals on their bed.  When they were little, it wasn't a huge deal.  But Spencer's getting big (almost 9!!) and the stuffed animals were taking up more than half his bed.  So a few weeks ago I almost jumped up and down for joy when he said to me, "I'm tired of having my stuffed animals on my bed."  But then he said, "But I don't want to get rid of them, either."  Darn.

But then I remembered coming across a stuffed animal hammock on Amazon, and was just about to purchase one for each of the kids when Evan said, "I bet you could make one."  I hadn't considered it, but he's right.  I could.  Searching online, I found this pattern.  I took the kids to the craft store to pick out their own yarn, and crocheted a set for each in a matter of hours.  The kid love them--they can actually make their beds now, and sleep on them without competing for space.  I love them--no more moving 20+ toys to access their sheets to wash them, no more stuffed animals littering the floors around their beds, and the best part-- these hammocks don't take up any floor space.  Win win.  
 And Mea has fun "putting her stuffed animals to bed" every night.  I love that some of them dangle upside-down to sleep.
 To hang them on the walls, we just used the picture hangers that you nail into drywall (no stud required) that support up to 20 lbs.    
I highly recommend these!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

10 Months Old Amidst the Never-Ending Winter

I'm still loving this weather.  We've had at least one snow storm per week since November, continuous snow on the ground, and temps below freezing most days.  It's how winter should be.  And I'm not tired of it yet.  Love, love, love, LOVE!

 Davin is 10 months old now.  He's quite the little explorer.  Some new things this month include:

Playing the piano.  Every time we walk by the piano, he leans towards it and fusses if we pass without letting him play.  We got tired of sitting there with him on our laps while he pounced away, so we put his little booster seat up to the piano and let him have at it.  

 Terrorizing Cheep.  He crawls over to the table, stands himself up, then proceeds to bang on the table, getting a kick out of Cheep's reaction.  He has also started grabbing the cage and pulling....We've started blocking off his access to this area of the room.
 Crawling into awkward spaces--ones where he can't get out of.  This area in our island seems to be a favorite for some reason.

I indoctrinate them early in this household.  

 If only he really knew how proud I am that this is one of his favorite toys.
He's a vain little boy, as all babies are.  (Un)fortunately we have mirrored closet doors in all the bedrooms, so he has plenty of mirrors to admire himself in.
 What a cutie!  We love his new shirt--a Valentine's Day gift from his friend Izzy.  As her mom says, "Every little boy needs a superhero shirt."