Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer Break, Weeks 2-7

I warned you I wouldn't be giving a week-by-week play of the summer.  :)

Week 2 began with Spencer starting a 4-week long outdoor summer camp.  He was gone every day from 9:30-3:30.  And since he went with his best friend, J, and J's mom drove, he was usually gone even longer.  And then most nights were spent at baseball games or practice.  So for those 4 weeks, I feel like I never saw Spencer.  But he was having a blast!  The camp was geared toward learning outdoor skills.  They hiked, they built fires, they canoed, they had 2 overnight campouts, etc.  But I think those 4 weeks wore him out.  We gave him the option of doing another 2 week camp for these last 2 weeks, but he opted to stay home.  So the last two weeks have just spent chilling at home with family and his best friend, J.  Plus the never-ending baseball games.  :)

Waimea, on the other hand, spent the first two weeks at home.  We went to the gym daily, and then she had a 1/2 hour swimming lesson, but the rest of the day was kind of boring for her.  All her friends were at some camp or another or on vacation.  So after two weeks of that, we signed her up for a general summer camp at the park nearby.  At the camp they did sports, crafts, went swimming twice a week, went on field trips, etc.  We signed her up for just 2 weeks to start, but after 2 weeks, she wanted more.  But now, as we're nearing the end of the 4th week, I can tell she's tired of camp.  

But that's good.  We have 1 week next week of down time before we head to Utah for 3 weeks.  We'll visit with Evan's family, then see my brother's wedding, then go camping with my parents.  Then, when we get back, there will just be 1 day before school starts.  Wahoo!  

In the middle of all these weeks of camp, we celebrated the 4th of July.  This is the first time we've been in Illinois for the Independence Day, so we weren't sure what to do.  But there was a parade in our town, so we decided to check it out.    
Here we are, waiting for it to start:
Spencer was actually able to be in the parade.  His baseball league had a banner, and all the kids walked behind, handing out candy.  You can't tell, but the banner is for the Skokie Indians:
Here's Spencer and his friend, handing out candy.  I think they ate more candy than they handed out:
Davin was absolutely fascinated.  All the cars, trucks, sirens, etc.  He literally cried when the parade ended:
The very last float was put on by our church, which was pretty cool.  Unfortunately, we think most people thought it was an advertisement for the Book of Mormon musical, and that the dvd's and pass-along cards were recordings of the movie and discounts.  But at least they took them!
For our 4th of July dinner, we walked up the road to Spencer's friend's house and had a barbeque with their family.  Then we watched fireworks from the front yard of someone in our ward.  I thought Davin would be terrified, but he actually loved the fireworks.  It turned out to be a fun 4th, despite not having any family around.  

July 11, we went to 7-11 to get a free slurpee.  But the location we went to had run out of cups, so we ended up buying the slurpees just to avoid running around trying to find a location that still had free ones available.  Davin took mine from me and wouldn't give it back:

(Please excuse the crappy photos--they are from my phone)

Sometime during these weeks, someone in the ward neighboring ours posted in a facebook group that I'm a part of that she wanted to start up an organizing company but needed some before and after photos and some testimonials.  So she asked if anyone needed any organizing help.  I immediately sent her this picture of my sewing room:
It's embarrassing, I know! I can't believe I worked in that space.

Here are the after photos, thanks to her help:
And I didn't have to spend a penny on anything.  I just used what I had.  It's so much nicer working in an organized space.  1 less thing to do before this baby comes!

The weather these many weeks has been ridiculous.  Most of June was in the 50's, 60's, and low 70's.  Lots of rain, some thunderstorms, and only a handful of days in the upper 70's and low 80's.  Finally this last week seemed warm enough to take a trip to the beach.  Erik came up for the weekend and joined us:

The water was freezing, but Davin kept wanting to go back in.  It was definitely a fun trip! Hopefully there will be a few more beach days before the summer ends.  

The weather is supposed to be hot and dry for the next week or so.  Perfect for swimming days... and for driving around with no A/C in the car.  Speaking of the car--we took it into the shop the other day and discovered it's worse off than we thought.  All the systems have leaks, but to replace everything would cost more than the car is worth (it's 15 years old, with over 160,000 miles on a Dodge).  The guy at the garage said we'd better not use the car for anything other than local driving, or it could cause a slew of problems.  But he thinks it'll last us a year, which is all we need it to do now.  We fixed a few other issues (like the driver-side bearings that were about rusted through), but to get the A/C fixed would require them to install a new compressor just to try and diagnose what is wrong with it.  That's the exact same thing that was done 2 summers ago, but the A/C has never really worked since.  And the compressor would cost more than the car is worth also.  So, onto our 3rd summer with no A/C.  Hooray for me!  At least it's been a mild summer so far.  And we'll be in Utah in a week and half.  

Anyway, I think this post is long enough.  Time to sign off.