Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Little Lady is 8

Wow.  I can't believe she's 8!  How did I get such big kids??

 Birthdays are a huge deal for this girl.  She plans them months and months ahead of time.  It's to the point where I tell her she can't talk to me about her birthday until a month before it happens.  This year she kept flip-flopping on what she wanted to do, and I kept telling her we couldn't have a big party (9 months pregnant and big parties don't go hand in hand!).  We initially told her she could invite 3 friends and we'd go do an activity somewhere, then come home for pizza and ice cream.  But then I'd overhear her with her friends saying something like "should I invite ______ to my party?", usually in front of someone I didn't think she was planning on asking to the party.  One friend's mom even sent me a text a few minutes after picking up her daughter from a play date and said, "thanks for the birthday party invite.  _________ will be there!"  So I had to turn to Mea and ask what was going on.  Apparently she was making her own invitations and had handed them out to a few friends.  I asked her what they said, and she told me it had the date (her birthday--which fortunately was on a Friday), time (right after school), and then the message, "don't forget to bring me a present."  Oh, I was so embarrassed when I found out!

So we finally decided that with all the friends that she'd talked about her party to, we had to make it a bigger party and just have it at home.  And invite all those she'd "invited".  Exactly the type of party I was hoping to avoid.  It turned out okay, though.  A few girls couldn't make it. the movie that was picked, Disney's "Descendants" was a movie that most of them hadn't seen yet, so they were actually interested in watching the whole thing (unlike last year's Rio 2).  We made it only a 3 hour party (with an almost 2 hour movie).  Halfway through we took a break and Mea opened her gifts:
 And had ice cream sandwich cake:

Then resumed the movie.  And it all turned out to be perfect timing!  So in the end it was a great party.  But with so much anxiety and drama leading up to it.  Silly girl!

And I'm really glad that her birthday wish didn't come true--baby girl was NOT born on her birthday.  :)

Monday, October 26, 2015

Pumpkin Picking

A few weeks back, Erik came up for a visit.  He really wanted to go visit an apple orchard just over the border in Wisconsin, about an hour away.  So we tagged along with him; our first trip to a farm since leaving New Jersey. 
We found when we got there that pumpkins were available (and that apples were too expensive to bother).  So we let each of the kids pick their pumpkin.  Spencer and Mea both sought out the biggest ones they could find:

 Davin just had a blast trying to pick all of them up and bring them to the car:

 And then I tried to take a picture of the 3 of them together:

 Too bad the grass is cutting across Davin's face or I'd consider this one perfect:
 Erik picked out a few for himself:

 Spencer, smiling???   What??!!!!
 Mea kept asking me to take pictures of her:

 And then the REAL reason we wanted to go to the farm--apple cider donuts!
 We had to wait an entire hour to get these (totally worth it!!):
And then we splurged and spent a whopping $7 on a gallon of freshly pressed apple cider (that we were able to watch being made):
It was a fun, much-needed family outing.  Thanks to Erik for his planning and motivation!