Sunday, March 6, 2016

Christmas 2015 and into the New Year

 I had every intention of taking lots of pictures of our trip to Utah at Christmas time.  But apparently I took hardly any.  Here are the few I have;

Sledding outside Great-grandma's house:

 Our traditional Christmas Eve dinner (Finnish food):
The tree:

 A quick visit with Santa:
 Making gingerbread houses:

 Napping buddies;
 Aunt Amy's Christmas present to Waimea was to get her ears pierced:
 It hurt worse than she thought it would:
 Leina (probably at her 2 month mark):
 And that was it for Christmas.  Here are just a few more of Leina;

 Davin's favorite thing to do is find my laptop and remove as many keys as he can before we figure out what he's up to.  When he's caught he preempts our "Oh, Davin!" by saying it himself first.
 Possibly Leina's 3 month picture;

 Sister morning snuggle time:
Apparently I need to take more photos.