Sunday, May 15, 2016

5 Months and a Birthday

Leina turned 5 months! She's usually a happy baby.  She's also my biggest--her clothes are all 12-18 months size.  No joke.  

The kids love to snuggle with her in the morning:

Spencer turned 11.  (How did that happen???)  He wanted to have a big party again this year, but we limited it to 5 friends (which is still too many, in my opinion) because it's his last year with these friends.  And they are good kids!  I wish they could all move with us.  But, sadly, this is the new generation of kids--they are all playing games on their personal electronic devices:

We didn't let them do it for too long.  They went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, then spent the night.  They had cake after breakfast the next morning because they were too stuffed from dinner to have cake the night before.  Spencer requested an ice cream sandwich cake again this year:

Mmmm, cake:
And then Grandma and Grandpa came just before his actual birthday, so we were able to celebrate again:
I still can't believe he's 11.